You can interchange Bison with almost any beef recipe if a few simple instructions are followed. The golden rule is DO NOT OVERCOOK. Since Bison is so lean you are not cooking much fat, as a result, it cooks quicker and you are able to cook at a lower temperature.

Set oven to 250-278 degrees and use a meat thermometer (if you wish) to check for doneness at 110-120 degrees.  At this lower temperature your roast should take the same amount of time as beef cooked at a higher temperature.

Move your rack farther away from the heat source.  Broil as with beef, but shorten the cooking time.  Turn the steaks a few minutes sooner and check for doneness.

Barbeque on low or medium low heat.  As with broiling turn the steaks a few minutes sooner and check for doneness.  Remember Bison cooks faster than beef.  Don't overcook that steak!  Watch your cooking time.  Steaks are best cooked rare to medium rare.  Over cooking may result in a tough steak. 

Following these few simple guidelines will ensure a tasty, mouth-watering product that you will want to serve again and again.