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Canadian Bison Association –
National Bison Association –
Bison Producers of Alberta –
Canadian Food Inspection Agency –
Bison Producers of Alberta – 


Regional Association

BC Bison Association

Bison Producers of Alberta

Saskatchewan Bison Association

Manitoba Bison Association

Ontario Bison Association

Quebec Bison Union

Provincial Government Sites

B.C. Agriculture

Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Developement

Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food

Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives

Ontario Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs

Quebec Agriculture Pecheries et Alimentation

Other Governement Sites

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

(AAFC) which has a wide range of agriculture information and resources at the federal government level.

L'image de marque Canada pour le secteur de l'alimentation et de l'agriculture

Canadian Farm Business Management Council

For Additional recipes go to

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada-
Canada Brand

Branding Canada for the food and agriculture sector


AAFC's Agricultural Policy Framework (APF)

Renewal element web site, which has specific information about the renewal element.

AAFC's specialty web site on marketing, markets and trade information.

AAFC's specialty web site on market information.

AAFC's specialty web site on Special Crop Information.

AAFC's specialty web site on Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals.

AAFC's specialty web site on Research and Innovation.

National Research Council/Industrial Research Assistance Program's web site, which has information about IRAP. This is geared towards farm businesses, which are considering diversifying, value adding or further processing food products.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency's web site, which has factsheets and information on regulations related to packaging and labeling of value-added food products.

Strategis is another Federal Government web site through Industry Canada. It has a wide range of information about starting a business, financing, exporting, researching markets, exploiting technology opportunities, business & the environment and so on.

Develope traceability standards for all food products in Canada.

Other Links

United States Department of Agriculture

Canadian On Farm Food Safety

Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration

Canadian Cattle Identification Agency

Canadian Livestock Records Corporation

International Bison Conference 2007 (IBC 2007)

Canada Export Centre

Export Development Corporation

Farm Centre

Canadian Livestock Identification Agency