BC Bison Association

EVENTS :  Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Location:  Fort Saint John - North Peace Museum
Date      :  Saturday November 8, 2014


09:30 AM - Registration
10:00 AM - Greetings / Introduction
10:10 AM - Gillian Watt, Manager BC Abattoirs Assc.
10:45 AM - Wes Olsen
                 Plains & wsoods Bison - Subspecies or Ecotypes
12:15 PM - Lunch, Bison Sheppards Pie
                 Courtesy NP Historical Society Women
01:15 PM - Tele-Conference begins
                 BCBA Annual General Meeting



Welcome to the home of BC Bison, a place where you can find information on Bison/Buffalo in BC. Our Membership covers the Province from Vancouver Island to the BC Peace and all points in between. There are currently 60 members in our association.

With as many different types and sizes of operations as there is terrain, from 5 to 500 animals, some raising the stock as meat animals others running a cow/ calf ranch and still others that do a little of each. Some vaccinate as matter of course to keep their herd healthy; others follow a more hands off approach keeping their herd as close too Natural as possible.

The things we have in common are that none of our members use any sort of growth hormones or stimulants; none knowingly feed animal byproducts, and we all have the greatest respect for the animals we raise and spend many hours watching and learning from them.

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